Reducing Risk to Adjacent Properties from Underground Utility Construction

In populated areas, underground utilities are the lifeblood of the community. These utilities require periodic maintenance, expansions and replacement. Therefore, underground utility construction is common in cities, suburbs and rural villages alike. Most people notice underground utility construction because of the traffic problems they may cause. However, if you are familiar with geotechnical or geostructural […]

Specialty Foundation Contractors

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer offers a holistic approach to specialty foundation engineering and can assist specialty foundation contractors to solve a variety of construction problems.

Another Deck Failure…No Injuries, This Time

  I often find a lot of owners want to cut corners when constructing or repairing deck structures (decks, porches, balconies, etc.) by neglecting code requirement or working without permits, among other things. They assume that these structures require less care because they are accessory to and thus less important to the building. The reality is that decks are […]