Claims Support Services

In a perfect world, all construction projects would be completed without unanticipated adversity and in-service structures would be safe from damage due to natural hazards, nearby construction and other risks. Further, any disputes would be resolved by the parties expeditiously and amicably.

In reality, construction claims happen for numerous reasons and sometimes neutral parties, such as insurers, mediators and courts are required to resolve disputes. Certain types of construction, such as below-ground work and construction activities affecting existing structures and infrastructure are associated with elevated risk exposure, especially in urban areas, due to the inherent hazards and uncertainties involved.

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) presents experience providing claims support services to owners, contractors, attorneys and insurers for construction-related claims, particularly involving foundations, underpinning, support of excavation and damage to adjacent buildings during construction. RJDCE takes a rigorous approach to evaluating claims, prioritizing problem-solving over posturing and will provide a candid assessment of their merits. RJDCE can assist with a variety of claims, including:

  • Builders Risk Matters
  • Construction Defects
  • Construction-Related Damage to Adjacent Properties
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Foundation, Excavation Support and Underpinning Movement
  • Professional Liability (Engineers)

Example Engagements:

  • Potential Construction Claim, Lebanon, New Hampshire. Performed cursory document review, condition survey and preliminary assessment of two-story commercial building potentially damaged by utility construction.
  • Potential Differing Site Claim, Rensselaer Co., New York. Performed site visit and prepared opinion letter for a contractor in connection with a potential claim regarding impracticability of foundation construction on a steep weathered rock slope.
  • Demolition Damage Claim Support, New York, New York. Consultant to the owner of a commercial building damaged during adjacent demolition and construction. Advised owner’s attorney and program manager on structural and construction risk aspects of remedial work, including a review of proposed repair work and observation of exploratory work.

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