Wood Structures

Wood is the most widely-used building material and represents an economical and sustainable choice applicable to a broad assortment of structure types and uses. Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) has experience with a variety of wood structures and wood-based materials ranging from nineteenth-century timber to modern structural composite lumber. RJDCE’s capabilities in the design and assessment of wood structures are bolstered by knowledge of how wood structures deteriorate and experience managing uncertainty associated with natural materials and incomplete knowledge of existing conditions.

RJDCE’s services related to the analysis and design of wood structures include:

  • Structural condition assessments to evaluate distress and prospects for alterations or changes of occupancy;
  • Conventional wood framing for residential and light commercial buildings, decks and accessory structures;
  • Excavation sheeting and bracing, structural shoring, and other temporary structures;
  • Assessment and strengthening of roof systems for high snow loads;
  • Engineered beams, columns, connections and other elements of structures.