Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Structures

The assessment of existing structures and the design of alterations and repairs present different challenges than designing new structures. Existing conditions cannot be specified, but instead must be evaluated and used as-is, strengthened or replaced. In addition, existing construction restrictes the ability to investigate existing conditions and constrains construction means and methods. As a result, these projects are subject to greater uncertainty than new construction projects and require experience with historical construction methods and materials, consideration of constuctibility and proactive risk management from project planning through completion.

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) helps clients assess existing structures and manage the risk associated with alterations and repair. RJDCE’s services applicable to existing structures include:

  • Adjacent construction impact assessment.
  • Analysis of existing structures for changes in loading conditions, including construction loads.
  • Building damage or distress investigations.
  • Design of repairs, strengthening, stabilization and remedial measures.
  • Design of structural alterations.
  • Foundation analysis and design for additions.
  • Pre-construction condition surveys.
  • Structural condition assessment.

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