Foundation Investigations

Investigations of subsurface conditions and existing below-ground structures provide an essential empirical basis for the analysis or design of foundations or geostructural systems. When integrated with full-service foundation engineering, these investigations can optimize construction performance, and balance cost with risk.

In cooperation with local partners, Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) can plan and oversee foundation investigations utilizing a variety of methods, including borings and test pits, and can interpret the subsurface conditions, and devise project-specific design and construction recommendations. RJDCE’s foundation investigation services can include:

  • Scope development for subsurface explorations, in-situ testing and laboratory testing;
  • Subsurface explorations (Note: drilling and testing services are contracted to others);
  • Geotechnical reports;
  • Foundation / geostructural type selection, design parameters and recommendations;
  • Site-specific seismic hazard analyses;
  • Forensic investigations. Read more…

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