Architects & Engineers

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) serves a  broad variety of project stakeholders, including design professionals in various disciplines. RJDCE can provide design professionals and their clients with specialty technical and risk management solutions for all phases of construction projects.


Architects are team-builders and RJDCE contributes depth to the design team with specialty foundation engineering and “site-structural” services to manage the challenges and risks of building in the urban environment.

In addition, RJDCE is capable of tackling unconventional small projects, like the design of structural support for architectural components like partitions, ceilings, parapets and appurtenances.

Structural Engineers

RJDCE’s services complement those offered by structural engineering firms who design buildings and bridges. RJDCE provides a rigorous approach to foundation elements and below-ground structures that integrates soil mechanics, structural design and construction considerations. RJDCE will also take on structural engineering challenges beyond the design of new work, such as excavation support, underpinning and shoring, as well as assessment, protection and monitoring of structures adjacent to construction.  These “site-structural” services are not offered by most structural engineering firms.

In addition, RJDCE can provide general structural engineering capabilities to assist structural engineering firms to add capability or capacity on a project or task basis.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineering projects in the water, waste-water and transportation markets often include incidental structures like vaults, pump stations, culverts and retaining walls that require both structural and geotechnical design capabilities. RJDCE’s technically rigorous and integrated approach to geostructural problems is well suited to the design and construction of these structures.

Geotechnical Engineers

Geotechnical and geostructural systems may have structural design considerations, such as connection design, load takeoff for underpinning and analysis of existing structures that are beyond the capabilities of most geotechnical firms. RJDCE can offer analysis, design and assistance with specifications and construction to help geotechnical firms with the problems.