Incidental Structures, Components & Connections

Construction projects often include incidental structural components and elements that are not part of the main structural systems or are designed separately from the main structural systems. These incidental structures may include supports for architectural systems and equipment, connections, temporary elements and specialty foundations. Usually these elements are outside the structural engineer of record’s scope of services. Their design may be delegate to a contractor or vendor.

Because the design of components, connections and other incidental structures is limited in scope and requires disproportionate project-specific effort, they cannot take advantage of the economies of scale that many structural engineering design firms rely upon to operate profitably. As a consulting engineering practice with experience serving a variety of client and project types Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) is well suited for these small and diverse assignments.

RJDCE can be engaged to assist with a incidental structures, components and connections in a variety of ways, including:

  • Design Delegation: When the design of component or system is delegated, the design criteria is conveyed through the contract documents, particularly performance specifications. However, the design inputs required varies widely between structure types. RJDCE takes a detail-oriented approach to construction documents to provide clarity and reduce risk.
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  • Design Calculations, Construction Drawings and Submittals: RJDCE has experience preparing design calculations, sketches, drawings, delegated design submittals and other deliverables for incidental structures, components and connections, including:
  • Shop Drawing and Submittal Review: Structural design by contractors and vendors should be reviewed for conformance with performance specifications and integration into the project as a whole.

Example Projects:

Structural Design for Firewall Construction, Windsor Co., Vermont.

Provided structural engineering consultation, analysis and design for addition of fire-rate partition in a manufacturing facility. The structural system comprised a proprietary cold-formed steel stud system with girts attached to existing construction.

WWTP Clarifier Covers, Peekskill, New York.

Reviewed Contractor’s shop drawings for vendor-designed aluminum weir cover system and advised Engineer-of-Record regarding conformance with construction documents and risks associated with the system.