New Buildings and Structures

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) provides foundation engineering and niche structural engineering services, to manage the technical challenges and risks associated with the design and construction of a variety of project types, with an emphasis on below-ground structures and construction in the urban environment.  RJDCE contributes practical, risk-targeted and cost-effective technical solutions for new buildings and other structural projects from inception to close-out.

Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies

Due diligence and feasibility studies are tools for evaluating project alternatives, challenges and hazards during the site acquisition, project conception, or financing stages. RJDCE can assist project developers, designers, and other stakeholders explore risks and opportunities associated with below-ground construction on urban sites. Read More…

Design Phase Services

RJDCE understands that design does not develop in a vacuum. As a small niche practice, RJDCE can offer flexibility to tailor a scope of services as broadly or as narrowly as the project demands. RJDCE’s design phase services can range from consulting on concepts or preparation of a single specification to serving as engineer-of-record for foundations or structural systems and preparation of construction documents. Read More…

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Bidding or Contract Negotiation Phase

Some construction risks can be managed by careful contractor selection during the bidding or contract negotiation phase. The contractor’s pricing and any technical submittals provided at bid can provide insight into the contractor’s understanding of the project and risk tolerance. RJDCE can assist the project owner review contractor bids and proposals, including submittals due at bid, alternative technical concepts and value engineering propositions.

See also: Risk Mangement

Construction Phase Services

Much of the risk associated with a construction project is the result of adversities that can occur between the execution of the construction contract and turn-over of the project to the owner. Engaging qualified technical guidance throughout the construction phase can allow risks to be identified and managed proactively. Read More…

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