Structural and Foundation Investigations

All construction projects interface with a site and/or existing facilities on the site. Unlike new construction, existing conditions cannot be specified or fully controlled. It is critical to the success of a project that the condition of the site and any existing facilities be adequately investigated and understood. Planning a cost-effective investigation requires knowledge of the conditions of interest and applicable exploratory methods, an understanding of how the collected data will be used, and an appreciation of the uncertainties associated with existing conditions.

Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) provides structural and foundation investigation services for new construction and existing structures, as well as for forensic matters and construction risk management.


Working with local partners, RJDCE can provide subsurface investigations, including borings and test pits, assessment of the subsurface conditions, and design and construction recommendations. When integrated with full-service foundation engineering services, a subsurface investigation can optimize construction performance, and balance cost with risk.

See also: Foundation / Geostructural Engineering


RJDCE can investigate existing buildings and civil structures for a variety of purposes:

  • Impacts assessments and condition surveys for structures adjacent to construction.
  • Assessment for the design of repairs, modifications or use of temporary structures.
  • Analysis of temporary construction conditions or changes in loads.

See also: Contractor Services, Structural Engineering, Urban Construction

Forensic Matters

RJDCE provides forensic investigations of damaged or distressed structures and other construction problems, for evaluation of claims, litigation support and remedial design. RJDCE presents particular expertise in construction damage assessment and support of excavation and underpinning failures.

See also: Forensic Engineering

Risk Management

Project stakeholders can manage the risk of construction damage to adjacent structures by performing impact assessments and condition surveys. RJDCE has experienced assisting clients to manage the risk associated with construction in close proximity to existing facilities.

See also: Abutter Services, Risk Management, Protection and Monitoring