Q3 News

During a productive third quarter of 2019 Richard J. Driscoll, Consulting Engineer (RJDCE) marked several accomplishments, including obtaining new structural engineering software, reaching a social media milestone and launching a new website.

New Software Capabilities

After a lengthy evaluation process, RJDCE made its first significant software investment, obtaining a license for RISA-2D, a general-purpose, two-dimensional, structural analysis and design package. Selecting the right software for a small practice is challenging. The options range from single-purpose design apps to complex, three-dimensional analysis packages capable of nonlinear and time history analyses. Since most software vendors have adapted a software-as-service model, the overhead cost from a few programs can add up quickly. Therefore, it is important that any software purchased by an engineering practice produce significant efficiencies and be widely applicable to the practice’s work.

RISA-2D is applicable to the temporary structures, foundation elements, components and existing structural systems that comprise much of RJDCE’s diverse analysis and design tasks. It even has basic soil-structure interaction capabilities, allowing integrated analysis and design of retaining structures and underground structures. The RISA-2D subscription will allow RJDCE to efficiently and cost-effectively perform more rigorous analyses with integrated design for a variety of construction problems.

Social Media Milestone

RJDCE has been active on social media since late 2015. During the third quarter, RJDCE’s LinkedIn account surpassed 100 followers. You can follow RJDCE on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

New Website

Finally, in case you missed it, RJDCE relaunched its website in July. Improvements to the website have included new content, improvements to navigation and a modern new theme. This is the first major upgrade to the website since it was launched and built out. Read More…